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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


Images of Abundance

Based on the theory that what we focus on multiplies, my desire is to paint beauty and expressions of joy, from a plant's joy in fruiting to a creature's joy in being alive and connecting with others.

It's important to stop and remind ourselves of the small joys. Even in times of uncertainty and upheaval our lives are filled with an abundance of beauty, large and small. Taking the time to breathe in beauty brings a wealth of satisfaction to the smallest occasion.

still life painting: Humboldt Pie
"Humboldt Pie"


Still LIfe with Blue Kettle

"Still LIfe with Blue Tea Kettle"

When circumstances are at their greatest intensity, I am drawn to paint still life. Focusing closely on a suspended moment allows for the reflection needed to appreciate fully the potentiality in life's smallest slice. As we learn to embrace the journey, however challenging, we are rewarded with myriad small joys.

Surrounding ourselves with the peace and silence of still life gives us a chance to look for and to find solace when we need it most and perhaps feel it least. When we find beauty in the commonplace there is room for expansive joy to unfold in the heart and take our breath away.
  Peach Pie still life painting: Pumpkin Pie
  "Peach Pie" "Pumpkin Pie"
  painting of koi: Golden Koi painting of salmon: Fish Ladder still life painting: Strawberries and Cake
  "Golden Koi"* "Fish Ladder" "Strawberries and Cake"
  still life painting: Greenhouse Grapes still life painting: Laura's Gift still life painting of squash and tomatoes: Abundance
  "Greenhouse Grapes"*

"Laura's Gift"

  painting of fish: Back to School still life painting: Making Sauce
  "Back to School"

"Making Sauce"

  still life painting of vegetables: Fresh Bounty still life painting of vegetables: Voluptuous Vegetables

"Fresh Bounty"

"Voluptuous Vegetables"
  still life painting: Grapes on the Vine still life painting: Red Bells
  "Grapes on the Vine" "Red Bells"
  still life painting: Breakfast Basket with Oranges still life painting of vegetables: Parsley and Friends
  "Breakfast Basket With Oranges"* "Parsley and Friends"
  still life painting: A Slice of Lime still life painting: Ripe Strawberries

"A Slice of Lime"

"Ripe Strawberries"



  still life painting of eggplants: Aubergines still life painting: Butternut still life painting of wine and flowers: Coquette


"Butternut" "Coquette"*
  still life painting: Gourds and Squash still life painting: Pears still life painting: Petit dejeuner
  "Gourds & Squash" "Pears" "Petit déjeuner"*
  still life painting: Tabletop with Tiffany Lamp still life painting: Apples and Gourds still life painting: Peaches
  "Tabletop with Tiffany Lamp" "Apples and Gourds" "Peaches"
  still life painting: Cherry Tomatoes and Peppers  

"Cherry Tomatoes and Peppers"*

"Fresh Bells"
  still life painting: Farmers' Market Dream still life painting: White Radishes

"Farmers' Market Dream"

"White Radishes"


Smaller Paintings

(10" x 13" or less)

  still life painting: Cheesecake Abstraction still life painting: A Glass of Red still life painting: Tomato Heart
    "Cheesecake Abstraction" "A Glass of Red" * "Tomato Heart" *
  still life painting: Nectarines still life painting of teapot: To Steep, Perchance to Dream still life painting: Chocolate Torte

"To Steep, Perchance to Dream" *

"Chocolate Torte"*
    still life painting: Wine at the Window  
    "Wine at the Window"



Reproduction notecards are available at
Ferndale Clothing Co.
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Most paintings are also available as notecards. Some images (*) are notecards only.

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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


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