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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


starscape: Core Values


Starscapes: A Star is Born

When I encountered photographs of nebulae taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, my first thought was that they resembled views of the depths of our oceans, the earth's cradle for new land and new life.

"Core Values "

Investigating further I discovered that nebulae are held in the spiral arms of galaxies, and many are stellar nurseries, where luminescent remnants of dead stars collect, awaiting the stirring of a passing body. The ensuing swirl and ripple begins the gathering that leads to the birth of a star.

Although the processes are described differently (accretion vs. cellular division), I felt the commonality between that stellar stirring and life renewing in the earth's seas, in its molten core, in the womb, and within each of our spinning cells. From such straws is spun the gold of new life, terrestrial and celestial, into the greater oneness.

In that moment the universe became my intimate, my "personal space." The wild beauty captivated me. I was moved to paint that dynamism with all the passion at my command, watching in wonder to see what revealed itself in the creation.

  starscape: Corona starscape: Playing for all the Marbles


"Playing for All the Marbles"
  starscape: Starshine 1: Mother's Mane starscape: Starshine 2 starscape: Starshine 3: Birth
  "Starshine 1: Mother's Mane" "Starshine 2" "Starshine 3: Birth"
  starscape: Starshine 10 starscape: Starshine 6: Midwives starscape: Starshine 4
  "Starshine 10 "

"Starshine 6: Midwives"

"Starshine 4 "
  starscape: Starshine 9 starscape: Many Moons
  "Starshine 9" "Many Moons "
  starscape: Passion starscape: Divine Breath
  "Passion" "Starshine 5: Divine Breath"
  starscape: Starshine 8: Creche starscape: Starshine
  "Starshine 8: Creche" "Starshine" *
  starscape: Starshine 7  
  "Starshine 7" *



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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


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