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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


skyscape: Pink MistsLandscapes & Atmospherics

Taking the time to breathe in beauty
reminds us of the joy of being alive.

      "Pink Mists"
  skyscape: Stormy Night skyscape: High Clouds

"Stormy Night"

"High Clouds"

  painting of boats: Rather Be Fishing landscape: Misty
  "Rather Be Fishing" *

"Misty" *

  skyscape: Cloudy Sky skyscape: Sunset
  "Cloudy Sky" "Sunset"
  tree painting: Ghost Light skyscape: Clouds Over Sea painting: Agra Gate
  "Ghost Light" "Clouds Over Sea" * "Agra Gate" *
  landscape: A Peaceful Mood landscape: Golden Gate Mists
  "A Peaceful Mood" "Golden Gate Mists"
  painting of snake and ceramics: Seeking Shade landscape: Inner Sanctum
  "Seeking Shade" "Inner Sanctum"
  landscape: Canoe landscape: Keyhole Rock
  "Canoe" "Keyhole Rock"
  fishing landscape: Peace painting: Reef painting: Canyon
  "Peace" "Reef"


  landscape: Down the Garden Path skyscape: Red Sunset landscape: Moonfall
  "Down the Garden Path" * "Red Sunset" "Moonfall"

Reproduction notecards are available at
Ferndale Clothing Co.
361 Main Street, Ferndale

Most paintings are also available as notecards. Some images (*) are notecards only.

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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


in the Victorian Village of Ferndale


PO Box 913, Ferndale, CA 95536-0913

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