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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


Images of Joy in Bloom

Based on the theory that what we focus on multiplies, it is important to stop and remind ourselves of the small joys and expressions of joy, from a plant's joy in flowering to a creature's joy in being alive and connecting with others. Taking the time to breathe in beauty brings a wealth of satisfaction to the smallest occasion.

  floral painting: Sunflower floral painting: Cyclamen floral painting: Peony and Irises
  "Sunflower" "Cyclamen" * "Peony and Irises" *
  Painting: Down the Garden Path floral painting: Astromeria floral painting: Cactus Flower
  "Down the Garden Path" *

"Astromeria" *

"Cactus Flower"
  floral painting: Parrot Tulips Painting: Fall Leaves

"Parrot Tulips"

"Fall Leaves "
  floral painting: Bearded Iris floral painting: Gladioli
  "Bearded Iris " * "Gladioli"
  floral painting: Reaching for Light floral painting: Warm Branches floral painting: Cool Branches

"Reaching for Light"

"Warm Branches" * "Cool Branches" *
    floral painting: Seat Taken  
    "Seat Taken"  

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Most paintings are also available as notecards. Some images (*) are notecards only.

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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


in the Victorian Village of Ferndale


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