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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


We Are Family

Based on the theory that what we focus on multiplies, it is important to stop and remind ourselves of the joy in being alive and connecting with others. This is true regardless of species. Taking the time to recognize the love that surrounds us always brings a wealth of satisfaction to the smallest occasion.

  Painting of mother and infant: Teddy Bear Blessing Painting of newborn feeding: First Taste

"Teddy Bear Blessing"*

"First Taste"

  Portrait painting: Joy Painting of monkeys: It Must Be Love
  "Joy" *

"It Must Be Love" *

  painting of penguins Painting: Mother and Child Painting: Awakening

"Family Ties" *

"Mother and Child"


  Painting: Elephant Family Painting: Elephant Mother and Child
  "Elephant Family" * "Elephant Mother and Child" *
  Painting: Mama's Smile Painting: Watch Companions
  "Mama's Smile" "Watch Companions"
  Painting of cat: Light Sleeper Painting of child with lamb: The Magic of Ewe
  "Light Sleeper" * "The Magic of Ewe"
  Painting of woman with lamb: Lovey Lamb Painting of man with fish: Fresh Catch Painting of woman with goose in a basket: Wise Eyes
  "Lovey Lamb" "Fresh Catch" "Wise Eyes"
    Painting of acrobats: Balancing Act  
    "Balancing Act"  

Reproduction notecards are available at
Ferndale Clothing Co.
361 Main Street, Ferndale

Most paintings are also available as notecards. Some images (*) are notecards only.

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Watercolors by Ellen Briggs


in the Victorian Village of Ferndale


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